Speech, Language and the Fourth of July

4th july 1This Independence Day, encourage talking beyond “Ooo” and “Ahh” at the firework display.  Here are some (sneaky) ways to stimulate speech and language with your child on this special day.

At the Cookout

If your family is attending a cookout or party, have your child go around and practice good social and speech production skills by introducing themselves.

“Hello my name is…”
“Nice to me you Mr./Mrs…”

To challenge your child further, make it a competition!  See who can recall the most names of the people at the party.

While you’re waiting for the firework display to start

Work on narrative language skills by having your whole family tell a silly story together.  Start with one person who sets up the story, “Once upon a time…”, then have other family members contribute one by one.  Be sure to hit on story grammar elements:  setting, characters, problem, and resolution.

4th july 2

During the Show

During or after the fireworks display ask your child to describe what they saw.  Work on attribute vocabulary such as colors, sounds, shapes, and figurative language.

“It was gold and shimmery and it sounds like popcorn cooking!”
“It was red with a big boom!”


I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!  What are some ways your family celebrates the Fourth of July?

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